Cleaning tips for Kenyan Industrial, Office and Home Spaces

Every Office, school, industry or home needs a thorough cleaning every year. In Kenya, it’s called “General Cleaning”.

This takes place over the weekend especially on a sunny day with fewer activities on the premises.

General cleaning helps in restoring the freshness and cleanliness of the place by removing dust, dirt, grease, oils and sticky gum.

To help you get the best out of your General Cleaning, below are Safichem Kenya’s top tips for a thorough cleaning.

We hope our tips will help you clean and shine those desks, floors, windows, and furniture.

1. Make a general cleaning Schedule

Having a cleaning plan will help you get organized and get the best of your time and tasks. A schedule outlines which areas need cleaning, where to start, time available, what cleaning agents to use and overall scope of work.

2. Sort and De-clutter your space

A cluttered place doesn’t look clean no matter how much you try to organize it. Scout your space, sort out and get rid of all the things that you don’t use. These could be old magazines, furniture, electronics, plastics, cloths, and toys.

Decide on what needs to be thrown away or given out, and then organize the rest. A good rule is to eliminate anything that you don’t use at least once every two months – unless it’s a memento.

3. Work from Top to Bottom

When planning about how to general clean your space, it’s important to start from the ceiling down. This will trick forces dirt downward and keep you from having to re-clean the room.

Remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs from ceilings and fun first then proceed downwards towards the floor where you vacuum from corners aiming towards the door.

4. Use a Vacuum or outsource

Carpets are rugs are usually the hardest to clean. After rearranging your furniture and dusting the spaces below them, it’s time to work on the carpets and rugs.

You can deliver them to professional cleaners or vacuum clean them (Use a brush first). This is best done outside where there is a free flow of air.

5. Windows, Doors, and Walls

A good General cleaning should be thorough, most people only clean the floors, dust furniture and forget windows and walls. Dust and grease settle on windows, walls, and doors and these surfaces need to be attended to as well. A damp sponge or rag is enough to wipe these places. Start from the top downwards and make sure to leave them dry.

6. Kitchen and Bathroom

Not many Kenyans like the idea of general cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. It is however not as scary as they make it. Here is what the Safichem Kenya cleaning team recommends.

How to Clean your Kitchen space

  • Arrange everything up,
  • Dust off and Wipe down the cabinets
  • Clean out the microwaves and ovens
  • Next up is the cupboard and the refrigerator. Sort everything in there, eliminate unwanted items and then dry-wipe down the compartments and shelves.
  • Clean the utensils and wipe out the glass-topped appliances.

How to Clean your Bathrooms

  • Sort and throw away unwanted items like bottles, soap dishes, and toothpaste tubes.
  • Change the curtain with a fresh one.
  • Through mop the floor and walls.

We hope the above tips will help you through clean your spaces and make them fresh.

Rule: Don’t make your room storage spaces, keep them alive and clean.

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